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This page includes


  • Sport Injuries

  • Tumour (benign, malignant) and Cyst Treatments

  • Orthopedic Treatments

  • Osteoarthritis (Spondylosis) Treatments

  • Lumbar Disc Treatments (Low back pain)

  • ​​Infertility Treatments

  • Women's Health

  - Digestive disorders

  - Fatigue

  - Gynaecological disorders

  - Stress

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is not based on mainstream Western concepts of medical diagnosis and treatment. Chinese medical concept focuses on treating patients’ underlying causes. Dr Wilson Cui has 30 years experiences in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

sports injuries

Acupuncture and remedial massages are being used in sport to great effect. Many professional sports teams have acupuncturists to decrease healing times and resolve stubborn ailments.


It is one of the primary means of quick healing. Specific acupuncture styles and techniques were developed to stop pain and dramatically reduce recovery time.


Acupuncture can help sports injuries by reducing swelling and bruising, increasing the range of movement in joints, and increasing blood flow to the area. These all speed up the healing process.


Remedial massage is a popular and effective treatment used to help alleviate back and neck pain.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spondylosis is usually considered as a disorder of the meridians  that traverse the neck and other affected areas.


Remedial massage for spondylosis alleviates symptoms by improving the flow of Qi and Blood along those channels. You will feel much better even with just one treatment.


Dr Wilson Cui is a registered Chinese Massagist who will provide professional skill and special care required for treating people with neck and back issues.

women's health

Dr Wilson Cui offers traditional Chinese services for women's health including acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine for gynaecological and gastrointestinal disorders.


These include digestive disorders,  fatigue, gynaecological disorders, and stress.



cysts and lumps

In traditional Chinese medicine, cysts and lumps are considered to be a product of three main factors: phlegm, dampness, and blood stasis. Each of these factors takes time to develop. It is believed that  imbalance of the Spleen's energy causes these issues.


Acupuncture together with Chinese herbal medicine will remove the excessive water in your body and help rebalance your metabolic system.


Combination of western medicine (WM) and traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) is the most standard treatment for cancer patients in China. WM uses surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy which not only destroy the cancer cell but the immune system.


Our immune system is essential for patients fighting with cancer as it can destroy the remaining malignant cells leftover after the surgery. Traditional Chinese treatments can boost your immune system, help your body to recover from the chemo treatments and therefore increase the survival rate.


A large scale review of research by Australia and Chinese University scientists has proved with thousands of studies using hundreds of thousands of cancer patients that Chinese herbal medicine offers significant treatment for most types of cancers.


Traditional Chinese Medicine theory believes most of the infertility issues are caused by kidney deficiency. The quality and quantity of the eggs and sperms are dominated by the kidney essence. Anything  weakening the kidney, blood and uterus can cause infertility.


Dr Wilson Cui offers combination services including acupuncture and herbal medicines which can increase the blood flow in the kidney system. With diet advice, most of his parents feels improvements after a few treatments.


value. quality care. convenience.

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